Socks For Every Occasion

Those endless pairs of standard black socks folded up in your closet? Wave goodbye too. It’s time for a big update that see you transforming your ORTC socks for good, from day-to-day to life to life. No matter the occasion put together a failsafe guide that makes sure you got pure, unadulterated comfort to your feet daily.

Most of us wear ORTC socks for more reasons than to keep our feet dry. First, they help insulate our legs from cold and heat, thus reducing the strain on muscles. Second, socks absorb moisture to some degree, even if it isn’t all that effectively, meaning that wearing them constantly could leave you susceptible to skin irritation. Add in the fact that most people walk around for half an hour or more on the same day, and you’re bound to have damp feet if you’re not wearing some moisture management system.

So how do you keep your feet feeling their best without having to sacrifice your wardrobe entirely? Simple – invest in some high-quality pairs of men’s socks. You don’t need expensive stuff to look smart; affordable brands work just as well as the pricier brands, providing the same type of protection. Also, investing in a couple of pairs with different colours will allow you to mix and match an outfit for a brighter, more dynamic style. This way, you can adapt your sock drawer to your outfit instead of being stuck looking at one (terribly boring) pair.

The trick is to get enough pairs for every occasion. For example, when you go out to eat, you should have at least two pairs in your kitchen drawers and another pair for when you take a shower. For work, try to get five or six pairs in your office when you take a break or use the restroom. These should suffice for any given day, and they’re readily available in department stores, in pairs or bulk. If you live in a dorm room, several pairs are lying around that weren’t used last year, which you can probably donate or toss in the trash.

Now, there’s one pair of ORTC socks for every person in your house. Whether you’re living alone, together, or with friends, you should have a couple of cashmere socks hanging in your closet. Cashmere is an extremely soft, durable fabric that will keep your feet nice and warm in nearly any climate, and it breathes very well. A cashmere sweater or cap will keep you much warmer than a standard blanket, and they come in all kinds of styles, from button down to the slip-on variety.

There’s always a pair of socks hanging in a kid’s room, too. Whether you’re buying a pair of white or red ones for a girl or a boy, you should never buy less than a pair of socks for a child. Babies, young boys and girls all need their pair of socks to keep them warm, dry and comfortable. If you’re buying a pair for a baby in particular, be sure to get a thick pair to protect the little feet, yet thin enough that they can still breathe without feeling overheated.