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Brick Fireplace Colors You Can Choose From

People nowadays prefer organic and natural products, architecture, and vibe. Fireplaces are usually installed in the living room. This gives homeowners a natural source of warmth. Having a fireplace at home is relaxing and satisfying.

Fireplaces come with different designs and the materials needed depend on the planned fireplace to be installed. Recently, brick fireplaces are trending all over the web. It comes with different concepts, materials, themes, and costs.

One element of a beautiful brick fireplace is the color. The color sets the mood and reveals the personality of its homeowner. In 2020, a survey was conducted on homeowners, designers, and contractors on what are the most trending colors to paint in your brick fireplace Red Deer.

1. Real brick look. This is a hybrid paint color near to black, brown, dark green, and maroon. This color is a sign of authenticity. While real bricks are nice but it is expensive. If you are in budget, you can try this paint color and experience the authentic look and vibe in your fireplace.

2. White. This color makes your living room light and bright. Minimalist interior designers prefer this color because aside from the fact that it is very easy to find, it makes the room big and clean.

3. German Schmear. It is a combination of brown and white with a medieval vibe. The brick fireplace makes the room dramatic and antique. It looks like a preserved fireplace that stands against the test of time. This color and style imitate the look of irregular stones that existed in the past centuries. It is like a whitewashed brick combined with mortar to come up with a rustic texture and color.

4. Solid Neutrals. This is a combination of neutral colors black, white, gray, and brown. Each detail is in plain solid neutral color bringing a bold and strong vibe. We suggest you have different elevations on bricks to create variation through shadows. These kinds of colors are unsaturated with color but they are still colors. These colors do not just compete with other vibrant colors. It gives a relaxing vibe to the room because it does not create any distractions from other colors. Hence, your brick fireplace will give you a restful complement each time you look at it.

5. Black. This is the simplest choice of color for those who are undecided and those who do not want to spend much on maintenance. On the other hand, it also symbolizes mystery and elegance. The black color absorbs stains and dyes. Repainting could be done once in a year or two.

When you choose what color to paint always consider the impression and vibe you want to portray in your brick fireplace. You should also consider the ornaments you already have or you plan to put near your fireplace. More than the natural warmth it gives to your home, the sense of peace and serenity is really important in choosing what paint color you should pick for your brick fireplace.

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